Barbara requested a typography based logo that was a mix of script and printed fonts. She knew exactly the kind of logo she wanted and wanted it to be sophisticated, minimalistic and also reflect her personality.

Barbara stated she wanted people who knew her to say “Yes! That’s you to a tea”.

We incorporated classic black and white with a touch of rose gold to be used throughout her branding as a highlight colour. We included both an imagery metallic rose gold texture and a flat hex rose gold colour to be utilised for the rose gold highlights.

Clean crisp imagery is the perfect compliment to this refined colour palette and branding design. We have incorporated both a hex rose gold and a metallic texture variation for some flexibility with the branding design.

We used a mix script fonts to create a memorable ‘B’ which could also be utilised in the client’s secondary and submark logos as a key identifier.

Barbara was very excited about her new logo. Her logo is a reflection of her personality and style, and allows her to reflect a refined, elegant and sophisticated brand for her business.