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Custom Logo Packages

Ready to get noticed by your ideal clients? Then a custom logo package is the perfect place to start. Get your business off to a professional start without jumping head first into a fully fledged branding package.

Full Branding Packages 

Mint Design offers three Full Branding Packages. Whether you require your logo plus basic branding items, or you need to include your socials and website as well, Mint has a package to suit your needs. My packages are designed to level up your business and provide you with a targeted branding package.

Part Branding Packages

Do you have a logo but need to level up your branding? Perhaps you just need some branding consistency across the various platforms or perhaps a makeover for your socials, Mint Design has partial branding packages to help you achieve your branding goals. 

Website Design

Do you need to get your business online? Or perhaps your existing website needs a makeover to align your online presence with your existing or newly created branding.

Marketing + Social Media

Just a couple of additional items to round out your marketing package? I can provide individual marketing collateral items and social media templates to assist you complete your branding package.

**For Packages please review partial branding packages.

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