Need a software that does it all?

This was me too! I had tried sooo many I lost count…Trello, Insightly, Asana, Wunderlist, Evernote…the list goes on and on!

Nothing seemed to help me…or it would help me for a small portion of the things I wanted to do, then I would need to enlist another app/software to the remaining things, then implement Zapier to HOPEFULLY get them all to talk between each other. It was EXHAUSTING! It was also expensive…whilst alot of the apps are free, some I needed to pay a monthly fee to get the functionalities I needed for my business. Over a number of apps the costs very quickly add up!

All of this trial and error had me stumble across DUBSADO! Now unless you have been so completely engrossed in your own business and haven’t had time to check out the socials….you have probably heard about this little gem. I kid you not when I say…this is a GAME CHANGER!

This masterpiece of a program acts as a:

  • CRM
  • Workflow Automater
  • Lead Gatherer
  • Bookkeeper
  • Canned Emails
  • Form Creator
  • Client Portal
  • Time Tracker, Scheduler
  • Payment Plan Scheduler

And that’s what I can remember off the top of my head! It LITERALLY does it all!

I have workflows automated for general processes within my business – such as initial lead contacts, which are generally requesting a quote for design projects. They receive my welcome kit automatically as a response to their enquiry. I have a workflow for proposals that I send out to potential clients, as they accept the proposal the next step is automated and everything proceeds seamlessly with automation until I receive the design brief back from the client…which is when I can actually start work ON their design project!

I have all my invoices and expenses in the same program so I do not need to transpose all my client details and packages/prices across to an invoice in another program. It’s all in one place and easy to integrate with minimal effort.

Do you offer payment plans? No problems! There is a scheduler for that. It breaks down the total invoice, assigns the due dates and even send reminders to the client that the next instalment is coming due…ALL without you LIFTING A FINGER! YEESSSS!!!

What’s that age old saying? Work SMARTER not HARDER…that is the perfect slogan for Dubsado.

Like any software it does take time to get it set up for your particular business, and workflows, but it is WELL WORTH the time you invest in the setup. The time you will regain going forward once completed is priceless! Not to mention the professional face you are giving to your business, a SEAMLESS customer service experience – who doesn’t love that!

I used to be so stressed trying to respond to enquiries, or sending our design questionnaires/invoices etc manually…I would literally spend my nights doing it…I now have my nights back to myself and my family! Everything is setup to just automatically send/schedule/create a to do – all I have to do is login each morning and read through the notifications to get an update on where each client process is at – then onto my real work…DESIGNING for my amazing clients!

Dubsado is actually having a sale commencing 24th February 2020 (PT time)…so you can save on the monthly or annualy fees. BUT even better if you use my affiliate code you can receive an ADDITIONAL 20% OFF! Just follow the LINK

I am also available to answer any questions regarding Dubsado so please feel free to email or comment below!Β