Retainer Program

What is a retainer program?

A perfect monthly solution if you have on-going design work you need throughout the year. Best suited if you have regular design workΒ  but don’t want to hire a full-time designer. A retainer program secures a professional designer and builds a long term relationship with someone who knows your brand. It is paid for upfront, each month before work begins. You will be scheduled for the number of hours you purchase as a priority.


Why is a retainer program for you?

  • You get a discounted rate, the more hours, the lower the rates!
  • You will get priority!
  • No need to worry about designing, leave the design work to us.

What are the details of the Retainer program?

  • Clients who already have their basic brand guidelines and logo complete, new logo designs do not fall under this program.
  • Payment will be due on the 1st of each month (in advance).
  • Unused retainer hours can be rolled over to the next month. Maximum of 3 consecutive months rolled over.
  • If we are reaching the limit of your monthly hours I will advise you in advance. If additional time is needed for the month, I will advise you accordingly.

How do you get started?

  • Complete the form below and we will arrange a Virtual Chat to discuss your monthly design requirements.



10 hours per month
Priority Scheduling



20 hours per month
Priority Scheduling



30 hours per month
Priority Scheduling