Stocks come in a variety of textures. It is fantastic if you know what type of texture you would like your stationery to have. Some of the more popular textures are:  Smooth, Eco/Recycled, matte texture, linen and indi handmade. If you are not sure what kind of textures are available…head to a local paper shop and feel the different types of papers. This will give you a great idea of what look and feel you would like for your stationery set.


Along with texture you can get specialty papers that may need consideration for your wedding stationery. Metallic finished stocks give a shimmer effect to your paper. While these papers are not always ideal for printing they can be utilised as backing card for your wedding set to create an eye-catching unique design.


Stocks come in various thicknesses from 250gsm all the way to 600gsm! Depending on your wedding set you may even require a thinner stock at less than 250gsm. So you have an idea of thicknesses…you can always go and visit the paper shop again…otherwise a bit of a guide is business cards are roughly around 300gsm.
Stocks come in a variety of colours hoever, they sometimes can be limited if you are requiring a textured stock.  We have paper merchants who supply us with a wide range of paper supplies so we will always endeavour to source your specific colour if required.

Selecting stock can sometimes be overwhelming…if you know the style of invitation you would like but don’t know the best stock choice, then speak to us…we can advise the most suitable stocks for your set!
Stocks vary in price according to textures, finishes and thickness so these are quoted for each individual wedding set according to your requirements/selection.